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When do You Need to Hire Security Guards? The Common Signs

Posted on 18 November 2019

When do You Need to Hire Security Guards? The Common Signs

There are some obvious instances when a security guard is required. A big event, high profile business guest, or any situation in which a theft deterrent is required.

However, there are some less obvious reasons you might need to hire a security guard.

Here are some of the common signs that you might need to invest in the services of security personnel.

Your current contract is coming to an end

There are so many contracts to keep track of within business that you’d be forgiven for overlooking this one.

If you currently have security services in place, you’ll almost definitely have some form of contract with a defined end date. When that renewal time arrives, you might be lucky and receive a reminder from your current security services provider - or it might roll over to a brand-new contract with another tie-in period.

When you first take on a new security contract, it pays to make note of the contract end date in your diary. That way, you can renegotiate or shop around a little ahead of time.

Just like changing electricity supplier, there are always better deals to be had or a better service to be found elsewhere, and even more beneficial services available to keep your people, property and assets safe.

You have high-worth goods and assets

No matter where your business is located, if it keeps high-worth goods or assets (or both) within its premises, it’s a target for thieves.

You’ll need to make a decision on what you consider to be high-worth, but instinct should tell you when the expensive stuff within your business needs more than four-walled protection.

You (or a neighbouring property) has suffered a break-in

There’s no need to panic immediately if a neighbour business has suffered a break-in, but it should prompt you to review your security setup.

Chances are, thieves may have targeted your area, and while the first break-in might have been a one-off, it pays to be vigilant.

Similarly, if you’ve suffered a break-in yourself, you’ll know how distressing it can be for everyone involved with the business. One of the best ways to be vigilant against future crimes of this type is to implement security guards, either full time or just during periods when the business is operational.

You’re located in a high crime area

Some business have little choice but to operate within areas where crime is rife. Equally, you may have noticed suspicious activity within your vicinity, such as groups of people milling around late at night or overtly anti-social behaviour.

If that’s your business, security guards should be an area in which you invest consistently. It might be another added cost, but it’ll pay dividends in terms of peace of mind and the wellbeing of your staff and customers because of the visual reassurance.

The police are always the first port of call when a crime takes place, but the mere presence of security guards in high crime areas is one of the best deterrents you can implement as a business.

You or your colleagues have received threats

It’s an unthinkable situation to have to deal with, but if your colleagues or you have received threats, it would be wise to implement security guards.

The chances of something happening might be small, but a threat is a threat, and security services will enable you to operate your business with the peace of mind that they’ll be on hand should something happen.

This is your first business property

There are all sorts of considerations for new businesses with physical premises, but if that’s your situation, have you thoughts about security guards?

Depending on the type of business you’re running and the area in which it’s situated, the presence of security personnel could be as important as an insurance policy or the fire alarm.

When planning the opening of your new business, always think about security. A measured decision needs to be made on this element, because it could offer significant health and safety benefits for your team and protection for any high-cost assets and goods you may have.

If you’ve got any questions about security guard services, or don’t know whether or not you require them at your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, today.

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